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Just as there are three dimensions to a cube, there are dimensions to finding the right pastor. Converge introduces "P3", the Pastor Placement Process that focuses on three dimensions to finding the right pastor.

There are many services today that offer quantity. Sign up for their service and you can generate 50 or 100 or more resumes sent directly to your inbox, leaving your search team to manually sift through potential candidates to find the gem.

The Converge P3 process is different. P3 focuses on finding the one right pastor for your church. By merging three dimensions, the Art, the Science and the Process, P3 explores opportunies as your team seeks God to reveal the pastor He has planned for you.

Art Science Process
Using the experience of the Converge staff, you will have access to the Art of the search process. With knowledge of church dynamics, daily operations and pastoral duties, Converge can help a search team find and capitalize on hidden nuggets. The Science is the engine behind the process. Our tools bring deeper insight, giving your team a wealth of additional information as you evaluate potential candidates. Our tools are strong enough to respect your team's time in narrowing the candidate pool and yet flexible enough to allow your team to choose the matching criteria that is important to your church body. The blend of the Art and the Science in an easy to follow process that respects the busy lives of your search team. Logical process steps defined for a quick start, yet fully customizable to meet the specific needs of your team. Document templates so your team doesn't have to start with a blank page. The process makes the most of your team's time and efforts.

For a list of resources that may help you in developing a search team or interim pastor process, click here