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Converge P3 is about supporting candidates.

Are you ready?

Are you starting to think about your next church? Churches often have to evaluate 100 or more resumes in varying styles and level of detail. How do you stand out? How can you clearly articulate who you are? How can you help a search team get to know who you are more quickly? And most importantly, how can you know if you are even a good fit for that church?

You could be with your next church for a long time. It’s important to get this right.

A pastoral search is much more than simply hiring someone for a job. Successful pastor placements are the result of knowing the questions to ask, knowing what makes a good fit for a long term relationship, and access to a proven process to bring it all together.

What is P3

Converge is passionate about our churches and our pastors. We believe assisting churches in finding their next pastor is one of the most important services we provide and we’ve been doing it for years with hundreds of churches. P3 brings our acquired knowledge and experience, into a step-by-step process delivered through a simple online tool. Candidates and churches answer the same in-depth questions to explore who they are and thoroughly describe their beliefs and preferences, each forming a comprehensive profile. Candidates are further able to describe themselves through personality and leadership assessments that provides insight into the candidate’s behaviors, responses, challenges and strengths. When the complete picture is painted, the team more quickly discovers the candidate’s individual story. Converge is then able to filter candidates based on the church profile, evaluating if there is a potential good fit, then supporting the team’s further exploration.


  • Easy access to Converge churches in the P3 system. Most Converge regions are using P3 exclusively to evaluate candidates for their churches.

  • Comprehensive and consistent profile, accelerating the learning curve, making it easy for churches to quickly learn about you and find ways to deeper explore who you are.

  • Developing relationships with Converge Consultants tapping into their years of knowledge, experience and networks.

  • Self-guided process with online access to both your profile and assessments.

  • Exposure to multiple churches, saving you the time required to discover opportunities and contact individual churches.

  • What do I get?

  • Access to online Pastoral Profile to thoroughly describe your education, experience, beliefs, practices, style, and preferences to P3 churches.

  • Three professional assessments with detailed interpreted results.

  • Placement Interview with a Converge Consultant. The Converge Consultant will have reviewed your profile and assessment results and will guide you in representing yourself clearly and accurately.

  • Evaluation for placement in active candidate database evaluated against seeking P3 churches.

  • Next Steps

  • The majority of your registration cost covers your personality and leadership assessments, which are yours to keep. The remainder covers administrative expenses and our service to you.

  • Follow process instructions included with your welcome email. This can take a few days after registration.

  • Complete assessments and profile. Set aside a few focused hours to do your best work.

  • Schedule your Placement Interview with the Converge District Office closest to you for a personal interview. If that is not possible, then schedule a video conference interview with the office of your choice.
  • Wait for notification that your profile has been given to a church. There is no need to contact P3 churches directly.

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