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It’s easy to get quantity when it comes to resumes, but how will your team measure and evaluate the quality of the candidate? Any search team could receive 100 or more resumes, in varying styles and level of detail from the internet today. Where do you begin? How will your team filter these candidates? Do you have time to pour over all of them and adequately process them? Do you even know the questions to ask to get a complete picture of each candidate and know if they are a good fit for your church?

You want your next pastor to be with you for a long time. It’s important to get this right.
A pastoral search is much more than simply hiring someone for a job. Successful pastor placements are the result of knowing the questions to ask, knowing what makes a good fit for a long-term relationship, and access to a proven process that brings it all together.

What is P3

Converge is passionate about our churches. We believe assisting churches in finding their next pastor is one of the most important ministries we provide and we’ve been doing it for years with hundreds of churches. Pastor Placement Process brings our acquired knowledge and experience, into a step-by-step process delivered through a simple, yet comprehensive, online guide. Churches and candidates answer the same in-depth questions to explore who they are and thoroughly describe their beliefs and preferences, each forming a comprehensive profile. Your Converge Consultant will then be able to filter candidates based on your church profile, elevating priority candidates for your team’s further exploration. Instead of pouring over unclear and dissimilar resumes trying to compare information, your team is guided in evaluating detailed information and analyzing candidates that have taken the same types of assessments. Promising candidates that your church discovers outside of the P3 can be merged in for consistent comparison.


  • Easy access to Converge knowledge and experience because no church or search team wants to become an expert on pastor placement.

  • Task-driven process keeps your team focused and moving, with scheduled points of contact with a Converge Consultant. We are here to be a resource to you.

  • Self-guided process so it fits the unique and individual style and culture of your church and team.

  • Efficient process; the search team’s time is spent getting to know candidates that are potential good fits rather than sorting through stacks of resumes and cover letters.

  • What do I get?

  • Resource tools to develop a search team.

  • Clearly defined tasks to help you discover who you are as a church and your preferences for a future pastor, producing a comprehensive church profile.

  • Prioritized access to the P3 pool of candidates who have answered in-depth questions describing their experience, theology, philosophy, style, strengths and preferences in a comprehensive pastor profile and have completed a thorough vetting interview with an experienced Converge pastoral consultant.

  • Comprehensive assessment reports of potential candidates.

  • Facilitated session with Converge Consultant to evaluate high-value considerations.

  • Guidance through the process from a Converge Consultant with scheduled contact points.

  • Next Steps

    Contact your local Converge office or our Converge P3 office. We can answer your questions, arrange to speak with your leadership or get you started.

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