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Who is Converge?

A movement of leaders and churches working together to transform lives and communities through the life changing story of Jesus.

Contract for Services
All P3 Candidates receive

  • Access to online Pastoral Profile survey to comprehensively describe yourself to P3 churches
  • Three professional assessments and detailed profile results
  • Placement interview with a Converge consultant
  • Evaluation for placement in active candidate database evaluated against seeking P3 churches

Any information entered into the P3 system becomes the property of P3. Converge retains the right to distribute all information to Converge Churches, Converge District Offices, Converge National offices and any Converge employee, consultant or any future organizational alignment. Candidate registration is valid for one year, after which time the candidate may choose to make their account inactive and profile deleted, or they may chose to remain in the subscription account for $24/quarter. Once an account is inactive, there is a $75 administration fee to re-establish the account within the first year. After that, the profile will be deleted and returning candidates will pay the full registration fee.

Protection of P3 Property
To best serve pastors, candidates and churches, Converge North Central must protect their investment in the Converge Pastor Placement Process (P3), which is wholly owned by Converge North Central.  To do so, all P3 candidates must agree to the following:

  • The candidate will only use P3 for the purpose of seeking employment with a P3 church
  • The candidate will not disclose information about the structure, questions, matching formulas or any other intellectual property about P3.
  • The candidate will not duplicate P3 in whole or in part
  • The candidate will not print the P3 Candidate Profile for distribution to any entity, church or organization. The Converge District Office will distribute your profile to the appropriate P3 churches at the appropriate time.
  • The candidate will protect any P3 printed information and will destroy after 3 months. This does not include the Professional Assessments provided to the candidate.
  • The candidate agrees to not compete with or take employment with a firm providing Pastor Placement Services, without written permission from P3.
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Every candidate in the Converge P3
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this interview. It is beneficial
to interview in person. If this is
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I have read and agree with the
Converge Affirmation of Faith
I have read and agree with the Converge
Affirmation of Ministerial Ethics


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P3 is a Service offered by Converge
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