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Searching for your next ministry experience can be hard work. Knowing if it's the right fit can be elusive.

While you invest the effort and seek the Holy Spirit's leading, we'll help you accurately describe yourself to churches seeking Pastors and Leaders.

Both you and the church want the same thing...a good fit.

Are you ready to find that next right fit?

It starts with reading some documents that describe our movement. If you find alignment in these documents, then proceed to register.

Must Agree Statements

Take time to click the two links below and read the Converge statements. You must agree with these statements to continue with Converge P3.

Our Beliefs

I have read and agree with the Converge Affirmation of Faith

Beliefs about Ministerial Ethics

I have read and agree with the Converge Affirmation of Ministerial Ethics

Additional Statements from Converge

The next two links are additional statements of belief within the Converge movement. In your profile, you will be asked if you agree or disagree with these statements and will be provided space for comments to further describe your position.

The Family Unit and Statement on Marriage

Beliefs about Homosexual Behavior

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